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Paver Sealing  Warranty


For a period of UP TO 2 years (depending on the option you selected) Premier Coatings will warrant your coating as follows: Your Paver sealing warranty provides coverage for the Functionality of the sealer, peeling, as well grants you access to heavily discounted cleaning services.


Functionality of the sealer: In basic terms, to test the functionality of the sealer we would put a few drops of water on random areas throughout the project. If the water instantly gets sucked into the surface like a dry sponge, that would indicate an issue and be covered under the warranty.  When properly functioning, the water should sit on top of the paver. Light penetration after a few minutes is to be expected as we use a breathable sealer, but immediate absorption would indicate an issue.


Peeling: Peeling of the sealer, flaking or delamination of the sealer is covered under your warranty. However, if there is a pre-existing coating, we cannot guarantee the pre-existing coating will not fail and cause a chain reaction.


Discounted cleaning services: In order to maintain the best appearance and longevity out of your paver sealing, occasional maintenance will be required. Although our coating is extremely durable and robust, it is not bulletproof. As an exterior surface exposed to the elements it is subject to getting dirty as well as the possibility of organic growth such as mildew, algae, grass, weds etc. Because we know this, as a service to our customers, while covered under your warranty you have access to heavily discounted cleaning services. For an extremely low cost of only 10% of the 2-coat option (per request) we can come out, wash down the surface, apply our algaecide and return the surface to a nice clean area. High pressure power washing is not recommended. 


Issues caused by abuse, neglect or damage caused by the homeowner or other contractors are not covered under the warranty. Fading of the color enhancement and/or sheen, organic growth, erosion of the joint sand or other effects caused by the elements are not covered under the warranty.




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