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Calcium and efflorescence removal Tampa

😱😱 Heres a quick snippet of one of yesterday's jobs in the K Bar ranch community of Tampa. This driveway was in need of some serious Calcium restoration. Last year, the homeowner reached out to several other companies who told him it was beyond saving and there was nothing that could be done 🤷‍♂️....Usually that's code for "i have no idea what im doing" Knowing the capabilities of my highly skilled technicians, I took a look and said "hold my beer, watch this". When you hire Premier Coatings, you're not getting minimum wage employees that are hardly qualified to lick envelopes 😲🤡 You're getting very highly skilled technicians that know inside-and-outide all the very best steps and methods to make your pavers look their very best🧐 These aren't skills you can pick up by watching a YouTube video or reading a few websites. This comes with doing hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of sq ft. The results speak for themselves, theres a clear difference when you hire Premier. To schedule your free estimate call or text 727-237-5953 or shoot us a message here. 

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