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Hope everyone had an awesome and safe new year. 🥂✨🎇 Todays our 1st day back after a 10 day break to spend time with family and recharge. 🍷 Today we have a 1500 SF driveway and pool deck to clean and seal in the ridge at wiregrass in wesley chapel, a 600 sq ft driveway in the starkey ranch community of Odessa. One of our other teams will be doing an 800 SF pool deck with some minor repairs and re-leveling in wesley chapel. We did a job just up the road for his buddy, which is how he got our info 🤘🤙 then theyll be shooting over to spring hill for a 2000 SF driveway and patio Seal Team 3 will be on an 1800 SF driveway and lanai in the river ridge area of new port Richey. This homeowner used us on her other property in 

New Port Richey a few years ago and now we get to help her on her new home 😎 , Thanks for the repeat business Mrs Tollentino 🤜💥🤛 I'll be running around for estimates today 1 in new port Richey, then trinity, Lutz, Odessa, 2 back up in spring hill then shooting over to wesley chapel to finish off the day. If you need some help with getting your pavers back into order, reach out. Shoot me a message here or you can call/text me at 727-237-5953 -Ron 😎🧔 

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