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Brick Paver color Restoration

In many cases, pavers left untreated take a serious beating by Floridas harsh UV rays and in some scenarios, a standard clean and seal may not be enough to bring the color back. Luckily, we at Premier Coatings have not only developed a color restoration process, we have PERFECTED it.

Paver dying is not for the every day contractor. Very specific techniques need to be used in order to ensure a uniform and even finished look. Still available with all of our standard options, like Natural look, wet look, and High Gloss paver finishes. This is ideal for pavers that have "Bleached out" and lost a lot of color. We can do a mild color resotoration, like shown in these pictures or go to the extreme with a full on color change. This home received our 2 coat wet look brick paver treatment with our color unique color restoration process. Located in the beautiful Pristine Place community of Spring Hill in Hernando County. You realyl dont have to live with ugly pavers any longer.

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